Base Game Card Ratings: Methane, Micromills, Mine, Mineral Deposit, and Mining Area

TLDR; Rating base game cards from Mars Expert, including Methane from Titan, Micromills, Mine, Mineral Deposit, and Mining Area.

⏳ Introduction to Base Game Card Ratings

The 25th installment of grading base game cards is introduced, with a reminder to check out the grading system's explanation in the description or the provided link.

The episode covers the grading of various base game cards, providing insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and overall value in gameplay.

🌌 Methane from Titan - C Tier

Methane from Titan and Beam from Thorium Asteroid stand out in terms of point-granting cards in the base game, but they are deemed too expensive for just providing points.

While both cards have potential requirements that can be met early in the game, they offer significant terraforming potential if played early, making Methane from Titan one of the best cards in the game if played in generation one.

However, its value diminishes when played later, making it more flexible but weaker in its best-case scenario

Hence, it is placed in the same tier as Beam, in the C tier.

❌ Micromills - F Tier

Micromills is labeled as a truly atrocious card due to its high cost and lack of combo potential, making it unappealing compared to other heat production cards.

It is criticized for its inability to be used for any Milestone except generalist, and it is deemed as a card to never pick up in the draft, except maybe as the last card to claim.

⛏️ Mine - C Tier

Mine, a simple early game development card, is described as straightforward and cost-effective, granting a building Tech and a steel production while paying back in four generations.

It is noted as great for Builder and contractor, and although it is not as flexible as MC, it is deemed a reliable choice for early game development, earning its place in the C tier.

💰 Mineral Deposit - B Tier

Mineral Deposit is recognized as a good card, offering 10 MC worth of Steel for a reasonable cost and with no combo potential.

It is highlighted for its instant return, making it a riskless and flexible choice, particularly for unexpected swings in gameplay

As a result, it has been bumped up to PTI tier, indicating its strength and flexibility.

⛏️ Mining Area - B Tier

Mining Area is described as a card with good development payback, flexibility, and playability, offering a mix between Mine and Mineral Deposit.

It is noted for its ability to be playable much later in the game than Mine, providing flexibility in resource selection

The card is seen as an all-around and flexible choice for various gameplay strategies.

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