The Limitations of Consulting Experience in Professional Growth

TLDR; Consulting experience lacks depth compared to owning and implementing recommendations in companies, limiting learning and growth.

⚙️ Work Experience Diversity

Attendees from diverse work backgrounds: manufacturing, consulting.

Highlight on lack of consulting experience for some attendees.

Encouragement for those with consulting background to seek new opportunities.

💼 Consulting vs Ownership

Owning and implementing recommendations over time crucial for learning and growth.

Consulting limits the opportunity to take responsibility and learn from mistakes.

Emphasizes the value of hands-on experience in companies.

📊 Depth of Experience

Consulting offers a broad but shallow view of companies.

Comparison to a two-dimensional picture: accurate but lacking depth.

Lack of three-dimensional experience limits understanding and learning.

📈 Limited Learning in Consulting

Consulting experience lacks the depth of learning and implementation.

Metaphor of having pictures on the wall but not tasting the fruit.

Emphasizes the limitations of showcasing consulting experience.

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