Creating Custom GPT for Fast SEO Ranking and Monetization

TLDR; Creating a custom GPT for SEO, from keyword research to content generation, using free tools and custom GPTs for fast ranking and monetization.

βš™οΈ Introduction to SEO Workflow

Introducing a new SEO workflow using custom GPTs for fast ranking and monetization.

Demonstrating the creation of an article that ranks on the first page within 4 hours.

Sharing a tool created live in the video to automate content creation using custom GPTs.

πŸ” Creating a Keyword GPT for SEO

Building a free keyword GPT to find low competition, high volume keywords for ranking on Google.

Training the GPT to focus on question-based keywords and analyzing keyword difficulty through tools like HFS.

Highlighting the potential for easy ranking, high traffic, and monetization through ad revenue.

πŸ“ Creating Content Outline and Generating Content

Using a free SEO blog content outline Creator and content generator to reverse engineer competitors' ranking content.

Demonstrating the one-click content generation process and emphasizing the importance of fact-checking and content expansion.

πŸ“Š Publishing and Tracking the Content

Explaining the workflow for keyword research, content creation, fact-checking, and adding finishing touches using a content checklist.

Introducing a template for tracking keywords and rankings, along with the importance of internal links and indexing for rapid ranking.

πŸ”— Using the SEO Tracker Template

Demonstrating the use of a template for tracking keywords and rankings, internal linking, and indexing for rapid ranking.

πŸ”š Conclusion and Additional Resources

Offering access to a free SEO workflow, keyword tracker template, and custom GPTs inside the free course.

Inviting viewers to book a free SEO strategy session for link building and increased website traffic and sales.

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