Resolving Quest 3 Controller Tracking Issues for Seamless Gaming

TLDR; Quest 3 controller tracking issues persist despite updates, impacting gaming experience and competitiveness. The tech behind the tracking methods is explained.

⚙️ Quest 3 Tracking Issues

After updating to v59, some users reported improved tracking, but others still encounter inconsistencies.

Issues with the left controller's tracking are particularly impactful during competitive and physically intensive games.

The transition to ringless controllers on Quest 3 has its advantages but also introduces new challenges in tracking.

The inconsistency affects gameplay, especially in games like Onward and fitness games, leading to potential losses and frustration.

⚖️ Tracking Methods

Quest 2 and Quest 3 use machine learning, IMUs, and cameras for inside-out tracking.

The system utilizes references in the room, IMUs for measurement, and IR lights on the controllers to mitigate drifting.

While these methods work together, they rely on algorithms and guesswork to provide a good enough tracking experience.

⚔️ Left Controller Consistency Issue

The left controller consistently presents tracking issues, affecting games like Onward and fitness games.

This inconsistency impacts aiming, reaction times, and overall gaming performance, leading to frustration for the user.

💡 Comparison with Quest 2

Quest 3's tracking is better than Quest 2 in some aspects, but it still has faults, prompting users to switch back to Quest 2 for specific games.

The upgrade from Quest 2 to Quest 3 brings improvements, but the tracking performance is not consistently better across all game types.

🔄 Future Improvements

Relying more on machine learning and vision algorithms could improve Quest 3's tracking performance.

The hope for an AI breakthrough that brings Quest 3's tracking on par with base stations is expressed, indicating potential future advancements in tracking technology.

🎮 Quest 2 vs Quest 3

Despite its faults, Quest 3 is not unplayable, but Quest 2 remains a viable option for those entering VR.

The decision to wait for potential improvements in future Quest releases is considered, especially with rumored pricing similar to Quest 2.

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