Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Lenses, Software, Comfort, and Battery

TLDR; Comparing Quest 2 and Quest 3: lenses, software, performance, comfort, and battery life. The Quest 3 offers clearer lenses and better performance, but the Quest 2 has longer battery life.

⬆️ Introduction

The speaker compares their experience with the Quest 2 and Quest 3, aiming to help viewers decide whether to upgrade.

Normally, the speaker would either give away, sell, or discard the older version when upgrading, but this time is different.

The speaker compares the feeling of going back to the Quest 2 after experiencing the Quest 3 to 'arriving at the Pearly Gates and then being sucked down into hell.'

🔍 Lenses

The pancake lenses on the Quest 3 are significantly clearer and sharper than the finel lenses on the Quest 2.

The Quest 3 provides a consistently sharp image, while the Quest 2 has a noticeable sweet spot and blurry edges.

The clear lenses of the Quest 3 make a massive difference, especially in games like Shooters, where details at a distance are crucial.

💻 Software

The software experience is almost identical between the Quest 2 and Quest 3, with only minor differences in settings and pass through.

The Quest 3 offers a more colorful and detailed pass through, while the Quest 2 provides a black and white pass through with fewer details.

Performance-wise, the Quest 3 outperforms the Quest 2, offering a smoother experience, especially in games that demand more power.

🛋️ Comfort

The Quest 3 is praised for its comfort, with a strap that sits closer to the face and reduces the need for constant readjustment.

Shifting of the Quest 3 headset does not affect the vision, unlike the Quest 2, which requires frequent readjustment for clarity.

Weight-wise, both headsets are similar, but the Quest 3 provides a more stable and comfortable fit.

🔋 Battery Life

The Quest 3 shows lower battery life compared to the Quest 2, especially during demanding games, prompting the speaker to conduct in-depth tests.

An update for the Quest 3 aimed at increasing battery life did not show a significant difference in actual usage.

The speaker plans to further test the battery life with graphically improved games to provide a more accurate comparison.

🤔 Conclusion

The speaker encourages viewers to consider their personal circumstances and preferences when deciding between the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

Factors such as budget, patience, and specific features play a significant role in determining whether an upgrade is worthwhile.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of actual user experience over technical specifications in making the decision.

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