Innovative Foldable Coat Hanger: Solving Space Problems

TLDR; A designer spent 3 years creating a unique foldable coat hanger, the 'coat hinger', to solve everyday space problems. The Kickstarter campaign aims for support.

3 Years of Work

The designer invested 3 years in creating a foldable coat hanger due to the frustration of not fitting a coat rack in the bedroom.

Despite the time and effort, the designer believes it was worth it and has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the product.

The 'coat hinger' is designed to address the issue of hanging clothes on the wall without protruding too far, providing a space-saving solution.

🧲 Innovative Design

The 'coat hinger' is a simple yet complex solution to the problem of hanging clothes closer to the wall.

It is designed for spaces where a normal coat hanger cannot fit, allowing users to fold and hang clothes closer to the wall.

The foldable design seems to be a new concept, as the designer was surprised that no similar product existed in the market.

🔗 Design Iterations

The 'coat hinger' went through multiple versions, including ones with magnets, snap bracelet material, and various wood prototypes.

The transition to wire was challenging due to the need for consistent friction and avoiding breakage upon dropping.

The final version consists of three injection-molded parts and two plastic components, providing full control over friction and functionality.

💼 Challenges and Gratitude

Running a product business is challenging, with the designer expressing gratitude for the support received.

Despite financial challenges, the designer is proud of the team's work and the unique solution offered by the 'coat hinger'.

Encouragement to support the Kickstarter campaign or share the product with others is expressed.

👍 Appreciation and Conclusion

The designer expresses pride and appreciation for the support received, emphasizing the value of the foldable coat hanger concept.

The segment concludes with a heartfelt expression of gratitude and a farewell message.

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