Understanding ADHD and the Dopamine Connection

TLDR; Understanding the connection between dopamine and ADHD can improve relationships, work performance, and personal well-being.

⚙️ Living with ADHD

ADHD is associated with low dopamine levels, affecting pleasure, focus, and impulse control.

Understanding the dopamine-ADHD connection can make life easier and shed light on unusual behaviors.

The video is presented by Evie, a psychology degree holder diagnosed with ADHD.

🧠 Physical and Mental Engagement

ADHD individuals require both physical and mental engagement for fulfillment.

Biologically, humans are designed for physical and mental activity.

ADHD individuals, due to low dopamine, have a higher need for engagement and mental stimulation.

👫 Relationship Work

Engaging in meaningful activities together can spike dopamine and sustain interest in the relationship.

ADHD presents unique strengths such as fast thinking, creativity, and innovation.

It's vital to find a job that aligns with these strengths, such as in the arts, entrepreneurship, or content creation.

⚖️ Autonomy

ADHD individuals thrive in jobs with autonomy, allowing for creativity and self-motivation.

Constant interference in the work environment can lead to chaos and overwhelm for ADHD individuals.

ADHD individuals also possess the ability to hyperfocus, achieving significant results when working independently.

🔍 Hyperfocus

Without challenge and involvement, ADHD individuals may feel under-stimulated and underperform.

It's important to find a balance between challenge and autonomy to maintain optimal performance.

⚖️ Controlling Impulses

ADHD individuals struggle with controlling impulses and managing numerous ideas.

Writing down ideas and practicing self-discipline can help manage impulsivity and enhance productivity.

😔 Emotional Regulation

ADHD individuals experience emotional instability due to fluctuating dopamine levels.

Sensitivity and people-pleasing tendencies can lead to emotional challenges and rejection sensitivity.

Building self-confidence is important to manage emotional regulation and cope with the impact of low dopamine levels.

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