7 Habits for Exponential Financial Growth in 2024

TLDR; To get richer than 99% of people in 2024, stop earning with your time, live clutter-free, take quick action, limit small yes's, rely on discipline, change your circle, and prioritize revenue-generating tasks.

💰 Earning with Your Mind

Earning with your mind allows for limitless growth, unlike earning with time which has linear growth.

Divorcing your time from the money you earn leads to exponential return.

The focus should be on making habits that others refuse to choose.

🧹 Living Like a Mess

Having a clean workspace leads to 94% more productivity.

Establishing a clean workspace routine sets the tone for productive work.

Cleaning up your finances is suggested for financial productivity.

⏱️ Taking Quick Action

Parkinson's law suggests that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.

Using discipline instead of motivation is key to taking action.

Breaking societal norms and setting shorter deadlines aids in faster action.

🚫 Avoiding Small Yes’s

Saying yes to too many things bleeds away energy and focus.

Time-blocking the calendar and focusing on specific tasks helps in avoiding distractions.

Multitasking reduces productivity by 40% on average.

🚫 Relying on Discipline

Relying on discipline over motivation helps in long-term progress.

Discipline is learned and ingrained, leading to consistent progress.

Committing to executing on specific tasks for at least a year can lead to significant personal growth.

👥 Changing Friendships

Changing friendships is essential for personal growth and change.

Being with friends who are on an upwards trajectory is crucial for personal development.

Being the average of the five people you spend the most time with influences success, health, and happiness.

🐸 Eating the Frog

Prioritizing revenue-generating tasks over easy, non-impactful tasks is crucial.

Focusing on tasks that drive sales and revenue is compared to 'eating the frog' first thing in the morning.

The key is to focus on tasks that lead to tangible outcomes rather than just checking off items on a list.

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