The US Presidential Transition: Tradition, Timeframe, and National Security

TLDR; The US presidential transition, from election to inauguration, involves tradition, coordination, and national security.

🏛️ Transition Tradition

The presidential transition involves a long-standing tradition of the outgoing president's family meeting with the incoming family

This symbolic start ensures a smooth transfer of power and helps the new administration settle into their new positions

The transition period typically starts after Election Day in November and ends with the new president's inauguration in late January.

🕒 Transition Timeframe

The presidential transition usually takes around two and a half months, allowing for the changeover of thousands of federal jobs, offices, and national security briefings

This timeframe has proven useful for the modern US federal government, which requires substantial coordination and direction during the transition.

🔍 National Security Concerns

The transition period is critical for the incoming president to get caught up on national security and intelligence

Given that the threats facing America do not necessarily respect the transition gap, a smooth transition is essential for the continuity of national security efforts.

🗳️ Election Outcome and Transition

The media's declaration of a winner on election night is not the official end of the election

The election is only officially over when each state certifies their results and the Electoral College votes in mid-December

Usually, by this point, both presidential candidates have acknowledged the outcome, setting off the presidential transition process.

🤝 Transition Process

The transition process involves the outgoing administration helping to usher in the incoming administration

It begins when the outcome is widely agreed upon and the losing candidate concedes

However, in 2020, the delay in transition was due to the loser not conceding, which impacted the start of the transition process.

⏳ Necessary Transition

The gap between presidents might feel long, but it is necessary to keep America's government running

This tradition of a smooth transfer of power is crucial for continuity and stability in the government.

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