Gérald Darmanin's Firm Stance on Immigration and Political Challenges

TLDR; Gérald Darmanin emphasizes firm measures against irregular immigration and foreign delinquency, amid political challenges.

⚖️ Firm Measures on Immigration

Gérald Darmanin advocates for firm measures against irregular immigration and foreign delinquency.

He emphasizes the need for these measures to be adopted, aligning with the support shown by the population in various surveys.

He expresses regret over political maneuvering and alliances, highlighting the importance of firm policies adopted by many countries.

Darmanin's voice reflects bitterness and difficulty in digesting the perceived betrayal by his former political party, the Republicans.

👮 Supporting Police in Calais

Darmanin plans to visit Calais to support the police engaged in the fight against illegal immigration.

This move aims to demonstrate the government's commitment to combating immigration, especially in the context of recent political challenges.

The visit also serves as a part of ongoing communication efforts to overshadow past setbacks and emphasize the government's stance.

The visit to Calais is positioned as a demonstration of solidarity with the law enforcement personnel involved in the struggle against illegal immigration.

🗣️ Public Support for Legislation

Darmanin emphasizes that the proposed legislation is not just for him but for the French population.

He highlights the widespread public support for the bill, as indicated by various surveys.

The measures proposed in the legislation align with the firm policies adopted by many countries, indicating a broader trend in addressing immigration issues.

He expresses disappointment with what he perceives as political gamesmanship and alliances that detract from the national interest.

💔 Betrayal and Political Alliances

Darmanin's voice reflects bitterness as he struggles to accept what he sees as a betrayal by his former political party, the Republicans.

He expresses dismay over the perceived shift in support, as he, who was once seen as capable of working with the right, no longer enjoys their favor.

The disappointment is evident as he indicates a desire to now engage with his superior, Elisabeth Borne, hinting at a change in political dynamics.

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