2024 Tech Trends: Job Market, Crypto, VR, AI, and AGI

TLDR; 2024 tech trends: job market recovery, crypto resurgence, VR advancements, AI impact, and potential AGI concerns.

⏱️ Surviving 2023

2023 brought challenges like job layoffs, market fluctuations, and geopolitical tensions.

Despite hardships, job openings are up by 13.8%, indicating a potential market recovery.

The impact of high interest rates on startups, real estate, and the automotive industry is notable.

💰 Crypto Resurgence

Bitcoin's price surge and predictions for future crypto values hint at a possible resurgence.

Speculation around the potential return of Ponzi schemes in the crypto market is noted.

The significance of reaching the $69k price point for crypto is highlighted.

🕶️ VR and AR Outlook

Anticipation for the release of Apple Vision Pro and its potential impact on app development is discussed.

Skepticism regarding the widespread adoption of VR technology due to its high cost is expressed.

The likelihood of VR and AR technologies becoming niche products is suggested.

💻 Shift in CPU Technology

Shifts in CPU architecture with Microsoft and AWS developing their own Arm-based chips are highlighted.

The potential impact of Project Volla and the future of gaming on these new chips is noted.

Intel's decision to venture into manufacturing Arm chips is mentioned.

🕹️ Gaming Industry Updates

The hype around the GTA 6 trailer and its development using Rockstar's proprietary game engine is emphasized.

Unity's misstep with new pricing and Unreal Engine's advancements in version 5.3 are discussed.

Legal battles between Epic Games and tech giants like Apple and Google are briefly mentioned.

🌐 Evolution of Web Development

The shift towards enhancing existing JavaScript Frameworks rather than creating new ones is highlighted.

The potential role of AI in automating code writing and the impact on web development is discussed.

Predictions about specialized tooling and AI in different JavaScript Frameworks are made.

📱 Mobile Development Trends

The declining trend of mobile app downloads and the challenges in gaining user attention are noted.

Emergence of cross-platform development tools and their impact on app development is discussed.

The shift towards low-code tools for cross-platform app development is highlighted.

⚙️ Low-Level Systems and AI

The growth of Rust and other low-level languages like Zig and Mojo is highlighted.

The potential of these languages in AI and machine learning applications is discussed.

The increasing integration of AI in various aspects of technology is noted, including stock trading and content generation.

🧠 AI Advancements and Concerns

The integration of AI in everyday tools like search engines and office software is emphasized.

The rapid progress in generative image AI and the potential impact on content creation are discussed.

The potential implications and concerns around achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI) are briefly mentioned.

🔄 Future of AI and Existential Concerns

The hypothetical scenarios of AI achieving general intelligence and its potential impact on humanity are discussed.

The existential concerns and moral implications of advanced AI are briefly highlighted.

Thought-provoking ideas about the current reality being a simulation are presented.

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