How to Change Your TikTok Region and Discover New Content

TLDR; Learn how to change your TikTok region using language settings, VPN, and a different SIM card. No need to worry about the type of phone you have.

⚙️ Language Settings

To see videos in different languages or change the language of your TikTok app, go to your profile page, tap on the three bars, and then go to settings and privacy. Scroll down to Content activity and tap on language. You can set your preferred languages for viewing experience and the app language used in TikTok.

🔒 Using VPN

Open the app store and find a VPN. There are free options available, but consider the security implications. ExpressVPN is recommended. You can set the location, for example, to have your FYP (For You Page) in the United States. Using a VPN can help change the region of your FYP.

📱 Getting a Region SIM Card

To ensure you're getting the American FYP, consider getting a United States SIM card for your country. Your SIM card determines the region TikTok detects you're from. By getting a different SIM card for a different region, you can change your region on TikTok.

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