Creating SEO-Friendly URLs with Route Model Binding in Laravel

TLDR; Creating self-healing, SEO-friendly URLs in Laravel using route model binding and slugs.

⚙️ SEO-friendly URLs

Noticed SEO-friendly URLs on Amazon and Medium.

Explored the self-healing nature of URLs by manipulating words.

Applied similar concept to Laravel, demonstrating route-model binding setup.

🔗 Route-model binding

Implemented route-model binding in Laravel for blog posts.

Showcased the simplicity and effectiveness of the setup.

Explained the process of resolving route binding in the Eloquent model.

🔀 Unique identifier

Explored the uniqueness of identifiers in URLs.

Demonstrated the usage of unique identifiers and their impact on URL redirection.

🌐 Generating slugged URLs

Discussed the importance of generating slugged URLs for better resilience.

Implemented custom slugs and demonstrated the URL generation process.

🔀 Throwing a redirect

Explained the process of throwing a redirect using Laravel's built-in helpers.

Demonstrated how to handle URL redirection with exceptions.

🔒 Hiding primary keys

Explored the idea of hiding primary keys in URLs for aesthetics.

Implemented a public ID column and explained the generation of public IDs.

🔄 No redirect map needed

Highlighted the advantage of self-healing URLs in avoiding manual redirect maps.

Emphasized the flexibility in choosing between internal primary keys and public IDs.

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