Challenges and Advancements in Folding Phones: The Case of OnePlus Open

TLDR; Folding phones like the OnePlus Open are impressive but face challenges in mainstream adoption due to price, durability, and being perceived as power user devices.

💡 Introduction to Folding Phones

The OnePlus Open, a first-gen foldable phone, prompts the question of mainstream adoption of folding phones.

The design and features of the OnePlus Open, including a high-end display and a well-considered design, make it a standout in the foldable phone market.

📱 Phone Details and Design

The OnePlus Open boasts a high-end design and features, including a bright and high-resolution display, a unique camera bump, and impressive thinness

The phone's hardware and build quality are commendable.

🔍 Impressive Folding Screen

The OnePlus Open's folding screen, with a 7.8-inch LTPO 3.0 display, minimal bezels, and a nearly invisible crease, sets a new standard for folding phone displays

It reflects significant advancements in folding screen technology.

🤔 Challenges of Folding Phones

Despite impressive features, the high price, durability concerns, and the perception of folding phones as power user devices pose challenges to mainstream adoption

The OnePlus Open, like other folding phones, faces these obstacles.

💸 Price as a Barrier

The high cost of folding phones, including the OnePlus Open, presents a significant barrier to mainstream adoption

The price point of $1700 US places it in line with its folding competitors, making it an expensive choice.

🛡️ Durability Concerns

Durability remains a concern for folding phones, as evidenced by issues such as dead pixels appearing on the screen

Despite testing and certifications, such issues may deter potential buyers who seek long-term reliability.

📊 Perception as Power User Devices

Folding phones, including the OnePlus Open, are perceived as catering to power users due to their folding and unfolding features

This perception, along with historical trends in smartphone sales, may limit their appeal to the mainstream market.

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