Is Meta Quest 3 Worth the Upgrade? Expert Opinion and Comparison

TLDR; The speaker finds Meta Quest 3 worth the $500 price tag, especially for newcomers, but suggests sticking with Quest 2 if already satisfied.

Positive Experience with Quest 3

The speaker enjoys using the Quest 3 and finds it to be their favorite headset.

They have fun testing mixed reality apps and have successfully streamed experiences live on TikTok and Twitch.

The pass-through feature allows them to read the stream chat without removing the headset.

💲 Worth the Price

In the speaker's opinion, the Quest 3 is worth the $500 price tag for the technology it offers.

They recommend upgrading to Quest 3 for those new to VR, as it is more futureproof and will provide years of advancements.

🔄 Upgrade Consideration

For current Quest 2 owners satisfied with its performance, the speaker suggests holding off on upgrading to Quest 3.

They emphasize that Quest 2 is still an amazing VR headset at a lower price, especially considering the current software availability.

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