AI Influencer Creation: Earnings, Image Generators, and Bio

TLDR; A Spanish agency created an AI model earning $11,000/month, using AI image generators to create an Instagram influencer, and leveraging AI tools for image and caption generation.

💰 AI Model's Earnings

An AI model named Itana Lopez, created by a Spanish agency, earns up to $11,000 per month through ad bookings and features on social media platforms like Instagram and Fan View.

The AI model, designed by Ruben Cruz, has amassed over 124,000 followers on Instagram and is featured in paid subscription content on platforms like Fan View.

This phenomenon highlights the rising trend of AI models earning significant amounts and the potential benefits of having a substantial audience, whether real or AI.

🤖 AI Image Generators

The speaker explored AI image generators like Dolly 3 and Mid Journey for creating realistic AI influencer images.

While Dolly 3 produced cartoonish results, Mid Journey was found to generate more realistic images, allowing for consistent character creation and image generation.

The speaker also discussed the pricing plans for Mid Journey and the process of using it in Discord for image generation.

📸 Creating the AI Influencer

The process of creating an AI influencer involved using a basic prompt to generate the initial image, determining a defining characteristic (like pink hair), and using AI prompts to generate consistent character images.

The speaker utilized AI-generated prompts for different photo styles and locations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining consistency and defining characteristics for the AI influencer.

The actions included adding the Insight face swap app to the Discord server as a fallback plan, creating an Instagram account for the AI model, and generating image captions using a custom GPT.

🌟 Naming and Bio

The AI model was named Nora Lewis, chosen through the use of Chat GPT to generate female full names.

The speaker discussed the process of creating a bio for the AI influencer's Instagram profile, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and consistency in the AI influencer's online presence.

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