Google's Gemini AI: The Universal AI Competing with ChatGPT

TLDR; Google's Gemini AI, a universal AI, can analyze research papers, solve complex tasks, beat specialist AIs, and is available for trial.

Introduction to Gemini AI

Google's Gemini AI, a competitor to DeepMind's ChatGPT, is introduced with excitement and surprise.

Gemini is a multimodal AI, capable of analyzing math homework, finding mistakes, providing explanations, and generating practice problems.

It can also evaluate and update research papers, handle code, audio, images, and video, and even write papers.

Automated Meta Analysis

Gemini can perform meta-analysis on genetic variants of diseases, a task that traditionally requires extensive manual effort.

It can rapidly evaluate papers, extract relevant data, and update studies, showcasing incredible productivity.

⚙️ Universal Capabilities

Gemini's ability to handle various types of data - text, code, audio, images, and video - is highlighted.

It is capable of updating graphs with new information and showcasing superhuman performance on the MMLU dataset.

⚖️ Comparison with ChatGPT

Gemini's performance on the MMLU dataset is compared to ChatGPT, indicating superhuman performance.

It is noted that Gemini can do things that ChatGPT cannot, especially in Chain of Thought (CoT) tasks.

⚛️ Universal AI vs Specialist AIs

The significance of Gemini as a universal AI capable of beating specialist AIs at their own game is emphasized.

This achievement raises philosophical thoughts about the nature of specialization and generalization in AI.

Availability and Deployment

Gemini's availability in different sizes - Ultra, Pro, and Nano - and its deployment on the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone are mentioned.

Google's commitment to deploying Gemini is highlighted, with a call to try it through Google Bard.

🌐 Excitement and Call to Action

The speaker expresses excitement about trying Gemini and encourages viewers to become Fellow Scholars by subscribing and trying out Google Bard.

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