Unveiling Grok: The New AI Chatbot with Humor and Real-Time Insights

TLDR; Grok, a new AI chatbot, stands out for its humor, direct answers on controversial issues, and access to real-time tweets. It outperforms GPT on specific queries, but falls short on benchmarks and features.

💬 Grok's Humor and Personality

Grok, a new AI chatbot, surprises users with its sense of humor and adult-like behavior.

It can teach life skills, roast users, and even disable humor by turning off fun mode.

The humor is impressive, but can become annoying over time.

🤖 Grok's Behavior and Learning

Grok uses reinforcement learning with human feedback to fine-tune its model.

It behaves differently from other large language models, taking a more sarcastic and direct approach.

It refuses to comply with vile commands and is not as advanced as chat GPT in performance.

🔍 Grok's Responses to Controversial Queries

Grok provides step-by-step cooking instructions, declines illegal requests, and offers politically neutral answers on gender queries.

It lists specific entities linked to censorship in media and explains perspectives on their actions.

It outperforms GPT in giving direct answers on controversial issues.

📊 Grok's Performance and Features

Grok falls between GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 in performance but lacks advanced features like file uploads.

It has a unique feature of tapping into Twitter's real-time stream, making it the best AI for summarizing current events.

However, it may hallucinate and provide misleading information, such as stock picks.

💻 Grok's Coding Abilities

Grok can write code, but GitHub co-pilot has become a tough competitor with advanced capabilities.

Elon Musk's prediction of the emergence of an AI God within 3 years is also mentioned.

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